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Lighten Up

The tone at our house has not matched that of my last post in the slightest. Simon has been on fire, and Thursday night I quickly jotted down some of the funnier things he said before I forgot them all. Most of this was said in the car, on our way to shop for my nephew’s birthday present and a new baseball bat for Simon. His t-ball bat is still a bit heavy for him to control well, but the old Curious George foam bat is getting sillier and sillier for a kid who is now hitting overhand pitches.

As we passed his Uncle Dan’s neighborhood and discussion turned to his condo, which Simon can’t remember ever seeing:

“When was I at Uncle Dan’s?

“When you were a baby.

“Did he like me?

“Sure. But truth be told, I think he likes you a lot more now!

“Of course he does. That’s because I’m awesome at baseball.”

Honestly, he’s not too far off. Dan liked Simon enough at the baby-phase, but I’ve seen his interest surge exponentially the more Simon becomes a little person you can talk to and do things with.

On the way home after successful shopping:

“Hurry, hurry, hurry, Daddy. I want to see the Beatles run away from the girls.”

Guess who’s been watching “A Hard Day’s Night” on YouTube? This and the old ABC PSA “Yuckmouth” are current favorites.

During some wordless vocals in a Beatles song:

“Who’s singing the ‘uuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh’ parts?”

And finally, before Matt walked out the door at night:

[Matt, enjoying a little play on words] “Don’t let the Beatles bite.”

[Simon, not quite getting the joke, but wanting to] “Don’t let the Clash bite.”

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  1. blg says:

    LOL – don’t let the Clash bite!
    Just perfect for your house.

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