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Halloween Parade 2011

It’s that time of the year again. KIP opted to host their annual Halloween parade a little early, on Friday the 28th instead of Monday the 31st. At first I was a little confused about this, but I think the logic was that a parade + party + trick-or-treating on Monday = a bunch of super-tired, miserable kids on the big day.

Do you recognize Simon’s costume? He’s Flash, a B-grade (C-grade?) super hero from the Justice League. Simon kept asking for him, and I kept saying “Who?” and assuming I’d be making one. Then Amazon and Google came to the rescue, telling me who Flash is/was and making it easy to find a costume. The back-story on Flash is uncommonly silly even by super-hero mythological standards. Some dullard was struck by lightning and then—Flash!—became possessed of lightning quick reflexes and super speed.

The attraction to Simon is pretty simple. This is a kid who likes to run and have us time him. “Was that 110?” he’ll ask me. Or better yet, “That time I was going one ten, one eighty, seventy-five, six hundred, a thousand million!”  If any math majors out there want to figure out what this number could possibly be, have at it.

As it happens, Simon’s affinity for Flash is as quirky as I thought, but maybe not so unexpected. When discussing Simon’s choice with my brother Steve, the fast runner, fast talker, fast everything in our family, he didn’t laugh. Nope, his response was, “Oh yeah, Flash. I always liked him.” So there it is, Simon exhibiting a rare (for him) Goldstein strain of his DNA.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Adorable! But don’t tell Simon, I know he’s supposed to be super-cool. So tell him that. But…adorable!

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