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The C Chord

For the last 19 1/2 years (really!) I’ve been watching Matt sit on the couch or in a chair and strum a guitar or bass. Last night, I got a preview of things to come:

And it was really sweet. Matt taught Simon a C chord on this ukulele, which we bought in Hawaii back in 2005. He struggled a little with the hand placement (“That’s not right for me. I’m left-handed.”) but got the hang of it just fine after a while. He might have put his fingers on the wrong fret a few times, but it was his first try, and he’s only five.

After this session, he explained his future plans to Matt:

“When I’m 19, I’ll go to band practice with you.”

Matt’s got his own plans. As he explained to me last night:

“Two more chords and it’s Ramones time.”

What do you suppose the Ramones sound like on a uke?

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