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Holiday Cheer

Yesterday Simon has his class Chanukah party. He ended up with a Hot Wheels toy, which I was surprised fit into the assigned budget. Then I saw how flimsy it was and was less surprised. Simon loves it, it breaks on contact, and he’s been one frustrated little boy for the last 24 hours. At one point tonight it broke while Matt and I were finishing dinner. Once Matt was finished and walked over to help, he noticed that the toy was wet.

“Simon?” he asked. “What happened? This feels wet.”

“That’s from my tears.”

Oh boy. But he seems to arrived at a better place by tonight:

“I shouldn’t have chosen that toy, Daddy. It looked so good and I really wanted it, but I shouldn’t have chosen that toy.”

Then, while decorating the tree, we got this gem:

“This ornament is beautiful—like me!”

And perhaps most in the holiday spirit, this exchange over his Chanukah present.

“Are you getting me the Mega City [Japanese toy train] set? I really want it.”

“Do you know how much it costs?

[After several guesses.] “A hundred dollars?”

“More, even. That’s really expensive. Do you think we can afford it?”

“Of course we can. We’ve got money all over this place! There’s the piggy bank in my room…”

Glad he’s got this all figured out! For the record, the train set is in the trunk of our car. We’re pretty grinchy around here, but he’s usually worth it.


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  1. tlalbaugh says:

    Luckily our wishlist is a bit cheaper around here, tee hee. We (well, I should say “I,” as Daddy and I disagree somewhat on this issue–he’d put charcoal footprints on the carpet if I let him) downplay the whole “Santa brings you stuff” thing, but I did overhear Kira telling one of her stuffed animals that Santa knows she would like a Play-doh make your own cake set ($12)–an item I’d forgotten all about as she only saw it once in a store months ago while we were buying a birthday gift for one of her classmates. I will admit, however, that I did immediately send Daddy out to pick it up. : ) : )

  2. blg says:


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