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For a variety of reasons, as of yesterday I had only posted one half of 2011’s pictures. Oops! This can be boiled down to my not liking the new Gallery interface (I’ve been complaining about that for a year I think), many of Simon’s pictures this year coming from Matt’s Blackberry when we were on the go, doing more work for other websites, and then laying off the computer during neck-gate.

So blah, blah, blah, a poor showing for photos for 2011. I’ve begun making up ground, so for those of you who are feeling deprived (ehem, Mom), please note that I have uploaded May, September, most of October (a few mobile pics remain), November, and December to date. That just leaves June, the month we traveled to San Francisco. Even being more discriminating in what I post will make that one take a while. Maybe by Monday…

Anyway, click on the image at the top or use the side menu to access the photo album and sample the year in photos that all posted late.

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