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Acute Monday-itis


  1. Car parked on street is hit about 10 minutes before start of Super Bowl and less than 48 hours after spending $400 for a brake job;
  2. Calves are in screaming agony after treatment at running store. My long run yesterday was a total disaster (numb and tingling feet) resulting from inadequate stretching (my bad) and shoes that seemed OK when I bought them but in fact are no good for me (do not buy shoes online. Do not!). Ka-ching! New shoes. Ka-ching! New stretching device.
  3. It looks like one of Matt’s credit cards got stolen/compromised AGAIN.
  4. And finally, you know it’s Mondayitis when a casual mention of having to head back to the doctor for more bloodwork results in accidentally explaining to your five-year-old that they are going to have to take blood from his arm and, not surprisingly, the same five-year-old collapsing in tears.

It’s Tuesday in T-minus 11 hours, 17 minutes…

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  1. Amanda says:

    Poor Simon, he must be at the end of his rope by now. And poor you!

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