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The Beautiful Game

Tonight was the first practice for Simon’s Highland Youth Recreation Team, The Rowdies. We suited him up in his shorts, jacket, shin guards, and socks, and laughed when he asked us if he looked like Balotelli [Man City striker] on our way out.

Below are two pics of Simon from opening day. The first, of him defending a goal from a new friend:

The second, of his victory dance after making a goal:

He learned this move from watching English Premier League football, where it’s de rigueur after every score. I have a very bad feeling that it’s not going to go over well in this non-competitive league, however, and hope it doesn’t end up in a reprimand or tears.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Hard to teach kids about “excessive celebration” when they see the pros do it all the time. It’s getting silly.

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