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Not to be outdone in the week’s misery index, or determined to start off next week’s with a bang, Matt has come down with a case of shingles. For those keeping score at home, that puts us at one crown (Simon), three car repairs (all on the Camry), one sinus infection (me), three skin biopsies (Matt) and one case of shingles (Matt) in 7-day period.

You have to laugh, because what else is there to do at the absurdity of this run of bad luck? We might be exporting our bad luck, too, as my nephew Ben had his appendix out yesterday.

On a positive note, we caught the shingles early. Matt noticed some pain on his neck at the beginning of last week. There was nothing to see until Friday, at which time it looked like a spider had bitten him. Things seemed worse Saturday night, when I found two rings of rash, one of which looked to be developing small blisters. We decided then that a trip to the doctor was in order, and by this morning Matt could see the beginnings of a rash in two other spots. These were very painful, and they were all on one side of his body. Ten minutes with Google and I had made my diagnosis, and for once Fake Dr. Goldstein had it right. Matt has already started his antiviral medication.

Tomorrow we head back to the dentist for Simon’s second repair. And then, we can only hope, it will be nothing but blue skies, soccer practice, swim lessons, and maybe even a trial run from there on out. I think we’ve earned it.

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  1. blg says:

    I always joke that I got my medical degree at the beauty parlor. Another taken on that would be getting your MD from Google Medical School.

    Seriously, I was able to find step by step photographs and procedures of my recent joint fusion surgery on the Internet.

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