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April Fool’s

Posting got a bit sparse at the end of March on account of all the family drama already posted about and then the last 8 days being tied up with KIP’s annual fundraiser and my finishing an all-consuming editing project.

April wasn’t scheduled¬† to start off much calmer. Today was to begin with a trial run, weeding,¬† lawn mowing, family tax assistance, and then—oh yeah—something for Matt’s birthday before the sprint to get ready for a Passover seder began.

Instead, April arrived in Chaucerian fashion, as right on schedule the “shoures soote” of April “the droughte of March hath perced to the roote.” We had no drought (or droughte) this March, but the shoures soote/sweet showers have arrived right on time. Just in time to postpone my run and preclude lawn work. The tax work got canceled, too, as the family member in question realized that computer assistance was not required.

So that leaves today, Matt’s 42nd birthday, for sleeping and snuggling in with Simon,¬† a celebratory trip to the coffee shop, not much in the middle, and then dinner out. We’re all ok with the “not much” bit, as Simon just explained that what’s good about the weekend is that “you get to just hang out.”

Our grass still needs to be cut. We’ve still got plenty of weeding, trimming, mulching, and pruning to do. And, heaven help us all, we’re still hosting a seder for 10 or 11 in six days. But it can all wait. Today is to be a celebration of sweet, sweet showers, sweet, sweet sloth, and sweetest of all family. Keep on percing that droughte, April!





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