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Once upon a time, Simon would ask me how something worked, I’d start to explain it, and he’d zone out, change the subject, or just say “oh” if I explained too much.

Today our roles changed. He wanted to watch “Wild Kratts”, I chose yesterday’s episode from the DVR, and upon reading the description said,

“A lizard that walks on water! There’s a lizard that walks on water?”

To which Simon replied:

“It’s called a basilisk and it uses air bubbles between its toes to walk on water. It has to go really fast, about 5 miles and hour, to do it. But if a person wanted to walk on water it would have to run 25 miles an hour.”

To which I replied:


I would have been happy to hear more, I was just too shocked to say much more. Simon loves “Wild Kratts” and remembers quite a bit of it—like the maximum speed of a peregrine falcon and that lions will prey on cheetah cubs—but I didn’t realize his retention rate was so high after a single viewing. Realizing this now, I have two predictions to make:

  1. He’s going to love zoo camp this summer;
  2. He’s totally going to be that guy in the future, the one who kills conversations by saying too much when asked a simple question.

And how do I know this? Easy:

  1. I married that guy;
  2. I am that guy… ok, gal, myself.

3 Responses to “Dialogue”

  1. Amanda says:

    You guys may be “that guy” but we love you!

  2. christine says:


  3. blg says:

    Smiling. And I never thought you were obnoxious about being that woman.

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