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Foosball Follies

Simon received a small Foosball table for Christmas last year from his grandparents, and, with all the soccer we’ve been watching lately, he has taken a renewed interest in it.  He’s constantly begging me to play, and if I’m too busy I frequently hear him in his room narrating a game that he’s playing against himself.  In the course of playing every night for the last few weeks, some pretty funny things have slipped out of Simon’s mouth.

After a couple of sound thrashings, I decided to take it easy on Simon for a game and he quickly got up on me 5-1:

I’m going to beat you like a tied up goat!

Really?  Why do I feel like Simon’s Pappaw has something to do with this.

A couple of nights later I really let him have it and got up on him 9-3:

Oh man — we’re gonna get relegated.*

Yup.  Definitely watching too much late-season English Premier League.

And finally, in a desperate move to wave off one of my goals:

That doesn’t count.  He was offside!

If you understand what “offside” means and how a Foosball table is set up, that last one is hilarious.  Trust me.


* The bottom three teams in English Premier League get relegated down to the lower league for the next season.  The top three from the lower league get brought up to Premier League, but I don’t know the fancy word for that.


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