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Fit to Be Tied

Shoes, that is. Simon’s shoes.

Simon has been relegated to shoelaces for over a year now: we can’t find shoes with velcro closures that will stay on his skinny minny feet. (Sorry honey, that’s my fault.) Until a few days ago, however, he couldn’t tie them. So I spent a lot of quality time acting as Simon’s valet, and Sir Simon spent a lot of time literally being waited on hand and foot. He would sporadically attempt to learn to tie his shoes himself, but these efforts usually ended in cried of frustration.

The problem is, or was I should say, that I could not, as a righty, teach Simon how to do the job as a lefty. Every attempt left me (get it? left me?) with clumsy hands and and an odd knot of untied laces. Tying shoes doesn’t seem complicated until you try to do it with your non-dominant hand. Mirroring each other didn’t do it. Matt fared no better. So I finally did what I should have done ages ago:

I sent him to my Dad’s–the family’s only other true lefty. One evening with his Zadie, and Simon had the basics down and just needed to work on the fine motor skills to pull it off. A couple of days ago he did it. Yesterday he did it again. Today he did it twice. It’s official, he can now tie his shoes.

Just in time for kindergarten. Just in time. Congrats, honey!

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  1. Amanda says:

    Way to go Zadie! and good thinking Mom.

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