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Match Day Heroes

As of this week, EPL (English Premier League) soccer is in preseason and the Olympics are underway. That means Simon is getting his regular soccer fix and has time to pick and follow his favorite players. I know you, dear reader, don’t care about this, but do read on. I promise a pay-off at the end.

At this point in the season and the games, Simon has three favorite players:

First, there’s Yaya Toure, at left, a midfielder who plays for Manchester City. Toure is renowned for combining speed, passing ability, and physical power with technique. A native of the Ivory Coast and a gentleman on the pitch, Toure is indeed a joy to watch.

Next up, there’s Joe Hart. Joe also plays for Manchester City. A native of Shropshire, England, Hart is England’s best goal-keeper. Simon loves him because he’s awesome and looks cool. I love him because he looks a little like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and because I get to refer to him as “A Shropshire Lad“.

And his third favorite? Well, that would be Louisa Necib, an attacking midfielder who plays for the French national team. Called the female Zidane, she is known for her sublime passing skills and deep vision into the game. Simon likes her because she’s a gifted play-maker who —

Oh who am I kidding? Simon likes her because she looks like this:

And really, can you blame him? France played North Korea Saturday morning, and Matt tells me that every time the camera zoomed in on Necib he said something like “I like her” or “I really like her” with a certain glossiness to his expression. I’m guessing that while he doesn’t quite understand why he likes her, it might not be entirely owing to her high football I.Q.

I’m also guessing that I’m in deep, deep trouble where the girls are concerned.


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