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That was my temperature this morning. Which means that after a crazy busy week in which we attended Simon’s winter program, took him to the last soccer practice and game of the current session, and in which I helped out at holiday parties at KIP and Brandeis, the very time I was supposed to finish up last-minute Christmas shopping and get my house in order for Christmas Eve dinner, I was instead popping Tylenol and sleeping badly.

So Christmas Eve dinner didn’t happen. And I might not make it Jim and Evie’s tomorrow, either. And my presents are wrapped pretty badly and in two cases are not complete. I’m bummed.

I would also like to note that is a terrible, awful time to be sick when it comes to screen-time diversions. All my news-sites and online magazines are publishing on a holiday schedule, and half the tv channels are showing a single show or movie in a continuous loop. Much of the time, I’ve been too sick to care. But during those times that the fever is reduced and the head not pounding, I could do with a bit of mindless entertainment.

Yesterday I was reduced to watching The Real Housewives of Miami and The Shahs of Sunset, to which I have the following reactions:

  1. Not that mindless, please.
  2. Oh, the humanity!

And on that note, I am feeling a certain chill in the air, which means it’s time to pop more pills, crawl back under the duvet, and hope that tomorrow will be different.

2 Responses to “101”

  1. Kate says:

    Sorry you’re feeling puny! If you need some not-too-mindless entertainment, snuggle up near a computer and go to YouTube. Lots of British humor (humour?) lives there! Search for:
    * QI XL S10: there 13 XL episodes. The Christmas episode (#14) is just QI S10 (the XL version will be available on the 29th)
    * Mock the Week
    * Live at the Apollo (especially episode 3 from this season; John Richardson is hilarious!)
    You could also try Never Mind the Buzzcocks.
    Or you could just go to the YouTube page below, choose a show, start episode 1 and let it play through the entire year. No ads, either!

  2. blg says:

    You’re right: a crappy time to be sick. Plus I infer that, like me, when you feel that miserable, you can’t even read.

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