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I’ll be back–I hope–this weekend. This past week or two has just been nuts. I’ve had meetings; I’ve been rearranging things in my attic first to paint and then to carpet; I’ve had to shop for paint and carpet; I’ve had a model seder to think about; a real seder to start thinking about; classes to teach; a freelance project to edit; a presentation for Simon’s class to prepare; and–oh yeah–this week Simon’s two soccer leagues overlap. And Matt and I are assistant coaches for one of them. And tomorrow is the KIP fundraiser.

There seems to be a pattern to the madness. Every October and every March I look at my agenda and wince, wondering how it will all get done. It always does, and I’ve gotten better about breathing and accepting the inevitable dirty house and missed runs. I certainly handle October and March madness better than I ever did finals. It’s good to be older.

So as soon as I catch my breath, expect to hear more about challenging kids, shifting friendships, how Simon increasingly reminds me of my oldest brother, and the like.

Happy Friday!

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