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This one is short and sweet. First grade has offered four amusing bits so far.

1. Simon’s school is doing Spanish this year, and his new teacher is Colombian and is taking an immersive approach. Which is to say that on the first day of Spanish, Simon’s teacher chatted away to his class in Spanish, and Simon had no idea what she was saying. Neither did anyone else, mind you, but this reduced Simon to tears at home, so afraid was he that he was somehow getting something wrong. In an effort to calm him, I asked if anyone else knew what she was saying. “Oh no, Mommy. When it was over, Dakoda stood up and said to everyone, ‘I have no idea of even one word that woman was saying to us!'”

2. Speaking of Dakoda, she might be turning into Simon’s girl Friday. Today he informed me that his drawer at school was a wreck, with papers stuffed in every which a way. According to him, he had a hard time even finding his science notebook. (Shades of his father I’m sorry to say.) Anyway, Dakoda watched him struggling to find anything and took matters into her own hands. Literally. She organized his desk for him. Simon thought that was really sweet of her, but I think Dakoda was just being an enabler. OK, a sweet enabler . . .

3. Speaking of sweet, I think Simon might be sweet on someone. Her name is Katie, she’s in his class, and they like to talk to each other when they do laps at PE. Simon thinks she’s a really nice girl, and he was careful to point out that her behavior chart was almost as perfect as his. (Purple, pink, pink, purple this week. Pink is one rung down from purple.) Today he was very concerned that he track Katie down before we left school so he could wish her a happy birthday one more time.

4. And speaking of school, he loves it thus far. So much that after a wonderful summer he told me today that he didn’t like summer break that much. It’s too much time away from school. Then he hit me with this zinger:

“I wish I were Chinese. Then I could go to school for 220 days a year instead of just 175.”

That’s my boy—putting a number on everything in sight.

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