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Or: How to Buy a Car in 10 Easy Steps

Step One: Research Edmunds and Consumer Reports for the make, model, and year car you can afford.

Step Two: Go test drive three vehicles that match your research results.

Step Three: Pick car. Research fair price.

Step Four: Have brother look over vehicle. Negotiate price.

Step Five: Return to dealer after price has been agreed upon, find previously undisclosed and large hidden fee, blow a gasket in public, and call the dealer a cheat and a liar. Make big, ugly scene that you (Matt) will be ashamed of, but that your wife (me) will think is awesome and well deserved.

Step Six: Spend 10-12+ hours researching cars other than the make, model, and year you had previously decided upon. Create elaborate spreadsheet with car details, including previous history, Consumer Reports estimated future reliability, and the Kelley Blue Book trade-in, private sale, and dealer recommended prices. Establish target fair price for each vehicle.

Step Seven: Rant and rave on Facebook about the awful place that tried to swindle you and ask for referrals to honest dealers.

Step Eight: Have old acquaintance (literally someone I’ve known as long as I’ve had a memory and the person who drew up mine and Matt’s wills after Simon was born) drop you a note saying she has a practically new car to sell at a price that is within range and more than fair.

Step Nine: Decide that agreeing to buy a car sight unseen from this person presents less risk than purchasing a certified, pre-owned vehicle from a local dealer.

Step Ten (In Progress): Figure out how to get car to Louisville from Washington, DC.

I’m not sure if these results are reproducible, but it’s sure working out well for us! All hail social media!

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  1. Amanda says:

    I bought a used car from a friend at work who was selling. Best purchase I ever made. Car runs like a top, price was more than fair, and she let me directly make payments to her with no interest. Win-win for everyone.

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