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Number One Super Guy

Remember Hong Kong Phooey? You might not; he was only around for about 16 episodes in 1974-5. But he showed up in a Scooby Doo episode Simon saw a few months ago, which led him to some old videos on YouTube, and hilarity ensued.

And that’s how he chose a character last seen 31 years before he was born as a Halloween costume. I tried to talk him out of it at first. I was worried no one would have a clue who he was. Then I decided that home-made costumes were way more fun than store-bought ones and got into the spirit. My mom stiched the robe/top from a pattern I found, and I made the ears, mask, and ironed on the words “Hong Kong Phooey” on the back. No reason not to help jog some memories just a little.

The picture above shows Simon wearing the costume over soccer clothes. The final effect was a little better, but  you get the idea.

Last night, despite dire forecasts of thunderstorms, trick-or-treating commenced in little more than light rain. And the first person to see Simon yelled out “Hong Kong Phooey, that’s awesome!” He wasn’t alone. A large number of 30-60 somethings handing out candy at houses remembered Hong Kong Phooey or were quickly reminded once they saw the name on Simon’s back. “The Number One Super Guy” was a big hit, and Simon thoroughly enjoyed being the only one of his kind. He realized very quickly that the compliments weren’t as forthcoming on his Iron Man and Superman years.

So that’s why he’s already thinking ahead to next year. Right now the forerunner is Marvin the Martian, which could be very fun indeed. But who knows what else might tickle his fancy in the next eleven months or so. Mom, you’ve been warned!

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  1. goldsteinrita says:

    It will have to go some to equal “Danny Boome”.

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