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Our Life in Cancelation

“Man, it’s like the winter of 1978 out here!” [Quoth the child born in 2006.]

My Louisville peeps all know that we’ve had our first winter storm Friday. Over the course of the day, we got rain, freezing rain, sleet, snow, and “winter mix”. As a result, the following things were canceled:

  1. Preschool on Friday
  2. Simon’s school on Friday, including a presentation on Chanukah I was going to lead.
  3. Soccer practice
  4. KIP staff party
  5. Brandeis Winter Fest after-school event
  6. Jim and Dan’s birthday dinner

Saturday’s morning soccer game was also canceled, but things cleared up just in time for Simon’s drum lesson, my pilates class, and  a school birthday party. With more winter weather rolling in today, I’m not sure about tennis, and it looks like our other plans will all revolve around walking.

Now here’s my confession: With the exception of Friday’s family dinner, I’m absolutely not bummed about any of this. The Chanukah/Thanksgiving one-two punch, coming right after a fraught trip to West Virginia to get our car and a week with way too many meetings, left me feeling like the entire Q3 of 2013 was going to be a marathon run at sprinting pace.

Three days at home with Matt and Simon on a weather-reduced schedule has been a welcome respite from end-of-year over-bookings. In fact, it appears that the weather is doing what I cannot: setting a reasonable pace for myself. Maybe the return of real winter after a two year absence isn’t so bad after all.


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