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Nighttime Wanderings

Picture the scene. It’s about 10:30 p.m. Simon is upstairs in bed, and Matt and I are downstairs in the living room. He’s sorting electronics parts and I’m collating PTA flyers while we both keep an eye on the Arsenal Champions League qualifying game.

Suddenly, I think I hear footsteps. A few seconds later, I hear a door creak open followed by the unmistakable sound of Simon thudding around upstairs. I expect he’s awoken to use the restroom and don’t think much about it until the thud-thudding gets louder and more erratic and is accompanied by crying sounds.

Matt and I look at each other and simultaneously declare “He’s up!” Matt then runs upstairs to help settle Simon down.

What he finds is pretty creepy. Simon is running from room to room in a confused frenzy with is eyes open but clearly in a haze. Matt correctly guesses that Simon is in search of the bathroom and tries to guide him there. Simon continues to cry and resist, and my own suspicions about the odd sounds coming from upstairs are confirmed when I hear Matt say,

“Come on buddy. I don’t think you’re really awake.”

He was sleep-walking. Even when Matt led him to the bathroom, Simon tried to turn around and run into another room. In his sleep disturbed state, he knew he needed to go to the bathroom, but he couldn’t figure out where the bathroom was (even when he was in it!) or how to use it.

Matt firmly but gently guided Simon where he needed to go. Once he had relieved himself, Simon found his own way back to bed—eyes wide open—got back in bed, and immediately resumed normal sleep.

Matt and I disagree on the nature of this event. Whereas he thinks night terrors, which Simon has also had, are much creepier, I’m putting my money on nocturnal perambulations for the dubious honor. Where we both is agree is on the importance of reminding Simon to use the restroom before he falls asleep at night.


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  1. Amanda says:

    Keith used to do this as a kid. He grew out of it eventually but it IS really creepy.

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