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The Half Birthday

Wow, long time no write! Not here anyway. Everything has either been much the same as ever or knee-deep in minor emergencies; hence either nothing to write about or no time to write about anything.

But here’s a little ditty to jump-start the habit again. Last week was Simon’s half birthday. This was a big deal for him. He reminded me about it several times and dropped more than a few hints that we should be doing something.

“Mama, did you forget something about today?”

“Mama, do you remember what today is?”

“Mama, did you know it’s my half-birthday?”

To which the answers were yes, yes now that you remind me, and yes again. But we’re still not going to do anything, and here’s why.

Once upon a time (this year), in a preschool far, far away (two miles from our house), there was a little child whose birthday it was. When this child came into my class, she was excited about her paper crown, her cupcakes, and her special day. And I wanted her to feel special, too! So I asked her how old she was now. And I asked her if she could tell me in Spanish. And we all counted together. And then we went to sing Happy Birthday in Spanish.

And everything would have been fabulous but for one problem: Another child in class was celebrating her half birthday on the same day. She was getting a special treat and/or mini party at home, and she was insistent that we also honor her special day, sing to her, and talk to her about special she was on this day.

Honestly, it was funny, sad, and obnoxious all at once. I couldn’t be angry with the half birthday child; she didn’t come up with all these ideas on her own. But the net effect was to put a damper on another child’s excitement, so I was annoyed.

I’m not sure where Simon suddenly got the idea that half birthdays were so important, but I am cautiously optimistic that my thoroughly unenthused monotone about the special day put a damper on any enthusiasm he might have. Permanently I hope. He’s my child and my special snowflake, but no snowflake needs to be made to feel quite THAT special.

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  1. goldsteinrita says:

    You are a very smart mother and I agree with you 100%.

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