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Rockabye Baby Rocks

Rockabye BabyThis is just hilarious. And cool. Hilariously cool. Baby Rock Records has released Rockabye Baby: Lullabye Renditions of Radiohead, a CD featuring 11 Radiohead songs arranged as instrumentals featuring all the kinds of clunky and bonky instruments that one imagines babies would love (just think glockenspiel). The lullabye treatment actually works remarkably well for Radiohead songs, probably because so many of them sound like lullabyes to begin with. Well, okay — lullabyes with deeply disturbing lyrics. But all that’s gone on this record, leaving your youngster with delightful little melodies to nod off to. Dad can imagine the disturbing lyrics all on his own and Junior doesn’t ever have to know that he’s being spoon-fed disinformation by an increasingly corporate media training him to be the ideal young consumer in our hyperaccelerated, soon-to-be Blade Runner-esque distopia.

Check out the music samples on their web page and try not to smile.

Of course, they’ve also done a Coldplay lullabye record, but there’s really just nothing funny or cool about that at all.

Baby Whozit taps out mad props to Kaya and Kelley for the CD.

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