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Every book about pregnancy that I’ve read has described the period of “nesting” that typically comes at the end of pregnancy. They say you know you are on the home stretch when you suddenly feel an urge to redesign your garden, repaint your nursery, organize 10 years of loose photos, or scrub your entire house with a small toothbrush.

Hmm. Just over two weeks ago, the morning of my baby shower, I did have a burst of energy. I broke down a bunch of boxes, cleared out a closet in the nursery, sorted through some baby-related papers, and actually cleaned my kitchen and bathrooms. I even considered washing baby clothes, but superstition and a toe cramp put an end to that.

Since then I’ve been pretty lazy, and I have the piled up laundry and dirty bathrooms to prove it. So I’m wondering if I had the shortest period of nesting ever, if nesting has yet to begin, or if I’m simply outsourcing it. Because while I’m not doing that much, I’m paying others to do plenty. I’ve had our old wood-stove and its chimney removed. I’m having the house painted. I’m having the upstairs bath regrouted. I’m having blinds for the nursery measured and hung. And I’m seriously considering hiring someone to clean my dirty house for me.

Our house is a flurry of activity, and 99% of it has involved nothing more than phone calls on my end. If I keep this up, we’ll be bankrupt in no-time. But what I really want to know is, is there any way to outsource labor and delivery?

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