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This is just getting ridiculous. Last night we did the tour at the Maternity Ward at Norton Suburban Hospital, and again we were quoted the “four out of five infant car seats are installed incorrectly” speech and told to arrange an inspection. We were handed a flier that had the exact same list of places to contact to arrange a car seat inspection that I had previously gotten off of carseat.org, and I resolved to set up an appointment first thing the next morning.

The first place I call, State Farm Service Center, shuffles me around to at least four different phone extensions before I get someone that tells me, “Man, I haven’t done that in years!” The second place I call, AAA Kentucky, goes straight to a phone message telling you it may be seven to ten days before they can even call you back to arrange an appointment. The next place I want to call, the Middletown Fire Department, doesn’t even have a phone number listed. Very Helpful. Kosair Children’s Hospital, more voicemail. [Sigh….]

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