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Ready to go…

Today was my second weekly visit to the OBGYN here in the homestretch. I’m due two weeks from Sunday, and today I got some exciting news.

I am 50% effaced and the baby is at what they call the zero station–any lower and I’d be in active labor. So Baby Whozit is ready to go at pretty much any time and is in the correct position to do so. Best of all, it seems my little bambino/a is going to weigh in at around six pounds, meaning that Whozit is appropriately sized for me and I have no reason to expect a C-Section at this time.

My doc, who I love, thinks I might well go a little early. So this weekend I’m going to pack my bags and get some more work items transfered to the person standing in for me. I just hope all this preparation doesn’t end up jinxing me. I *really* don’t want to know what it’s like to be 42 weeks pregnant.

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