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Le Stink

Our darling little Simon, bless his heart, is a bit of a stink-pot. He comes out of his bath smelling fresh and sweet like all other babies, but within hours the little guy is stinky all over again.

The problem is his spitting. Let’s do the math: Simon eats about 8 times a day. After each meal he spits up an average of 3-4 times. So, that means Simon is spitting up 24-32 times every day. And as his face fills out and his second chin evolves, there are more creases and crevasses for spit-up to get stuck in. Yuck! I’m getting better at anticipating and catching his spit, but the little guy still surprises or out-maneuvers me at least once per feeding.

There’s nothing to be done but bathe him often. We gave him a good scrubbing last night, and he stayed fresh and sweet for about 3 hours.

Le Pew!

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  1. karen.gettman says:

    What a beautiful baby! Your thoughts on keeping him happy bring back many memories now that my little baby is nearly 13 years old! If only I could swaddle him now! At least I’d know where he is at all times! Simon is gorgeous.

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