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One Month Old

Today Simon is officially one month old. Wow. When did that happen?

We’ve all changed in this last month. Simon for one is bigger and stronger, and he’s awake and alert much more of the day. I can barely burp him sitting in my lap now because he fights me so hard, and when we gave him tummy time last night, he briefly held up his head at about a 45 degree angle. Tonight he even managed to use the boppy pillow to roll himself back onto his back.


Yesterday both grandmothers declared that Simon was getting too big for his Moses basket, so today he had his first naps in his crib. That turned out to be harder than expected–for me, not for Simon. It’s been so sweet having him in that basket with me wherever I am that I hate to see those days end.

Just a few short weeks ago we brought Simon home, having declared ahead of time that he would spend the night in his own room in his own crib. When it came time to go to bed, Matt and I looked at each other and played a verbal game of chicken to see who would ‘fess up first that we didn’t have the heart–or stomach–to put him in a separate room. I can’t remember who caved first, but the other speedily agreed and Simon spent his first two nights in a Moses basket between us, with his head lined up between ours. Our bed isn’t that big, so we ended up clinging to the sides and barely staying under the covers.

I’m perfectly fine moving Simon to the foot of the bed, but evicting him from the room altogether is going to be tougher. Time to learn how to use the baby monitor! And maybe have a drink… Or maybe we’ll start this whole sleeping-in-the-crib-at-night thing over the weekend. That will buy me two more nights at least.

Simon’s not the only one changing around here, of course. Matt’s back is killing him, and his vanilla latte habit has been curbed considerably. My back is holding up fine, but my wardrobe has been reduced by 90% once I eliminate everything that’s too scratchy for baby, too dry-clean-only for baby, or too impractical for nursing. Of course, since I’ve basically been under house arrest for the past month, it hardly matters if I’m repeating outfits frequently.

According to the experts, next month should bring some coos, social smiles, a more coordinated baby, and longer stretches of sleep at night. So I’ll bid a bittersweet adieu to month one and look forward to the two-month adventures that lie ahead.

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