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Mother Goose Syndrome

Since Simon has done less shrieking for the last two days (Hooray for Mylanta and the new feeding schedule), I’ve spent more time reading to him. Kids’ lit can infect you very, very quickly. Just yesterday I finished reading Bear Snores On and realized I was beginning to think in bad rhyming verse. I was telling Simon about Thanksgiving and why we were going to Grandpa and Grandma Chloe’s house when this horrific dittie slipped out:

If baby Simon cries much less
and things go his parents’ way,
We’ll have lots to be grateful for
This Thanksgiving day.

I’m thankful for ten fingers
And ten perfect little toes
I’m thankful for his eyes
and ears and chin and nose…

Then this morning when I was changing him, this one escaped:

You’re getting a fresh diaper
And a fresh change of clothes.
So why are you crying, Simon?
What are your woes?

Let’s get on with breakfast,
And then enjoy a snuggle.
Honey, stop your fussing
And give up this struggle!

Oh dear:

This rhyming is infectious;
It’s settled like a curse.
I’ve got to find a cure
Before things get much worse.

Maybe I’ll read a novel,
The Atlantic or even Time.
Anything at all will do,
So long as it doesn’t…

Hm. This may be harder than I had thought.

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