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Simon had a very busy day today that included two big firsts: He held his head up and he flashed his first truly social smile.

The social smile came around noon today when my mom came over to visit. She sat down at the kitchen island, put Simon in her lap, and said something about his needing his Bubbie. In response, Simon flashed a great big toothless smile. Adorable. Mom was thrilled of course. Then she went home to a messy, just burgled home and was not so thrilled. (Thankfully, the burglars took little of value and everyone is OK.)

This afternoon we piled Simon in the car and went to my Uncle Sam and Aunt Marcia’s house so Simon could meet their brood of children (6, counting spouses), grandchildren (11), and great grandchildren (1).

At one point during our visit, my cousin Connie was holding Simon when he pulled his head away from her hand and held it up unsupported for about 45 seconds. Then, after a short break, he did it again. By the third attempt his muscles were tired and his head flopped from side to side. Simon’s been trying to hold his head up–and getting close to succeeding–since about week three. Once he masters this skill I know he’ll enjoy seeing more of the world around him.

Finally, Matt and I went over to my brother Perry and sister-in-law Tia’s for dinner so Simon could soak up some quality time with his Bubbie, his aunts and uncles, and his cousins. He managed to repeat the head holding up trick there, and he also managed to stay relatively calm during this, his third visit of the day. Clearly he’s getting happier and less fussy.

So yay to my little family for today’s small but splendid adventures!

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