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First Chanukah

Happy Two Months!Yesterday was Simon’s first Chanukah party and his two-month birthday. The party was at my mom’s house and included all four nieces and nephews, who each had a present for Simon. He got Spiderman pajamas from his Spiderman-obsessed cousin Ben (age 4), socks knitted by his crafty cousin Olivia (age 8), and a book that plays music from musically-minded Maddie (age almost 6).

It was adorable, and Simon chose this occasion to be the most awake and happy I’ve ever seen him. He smiled right on through all the chaos of present opening, seemed duly appreciative of his stash, was stoic about missing out on the latkes, and was perfectly happy to be held by the entire family, including Olivia and Madeline.

After several hours of this he had the inevitable breakdown, but it was nothing a trip home, a quiet nurse, and a little dancing couldn’t take care of quickly. He then slept for a five-hour stretch. Good baby!

This morning he’s resting up because his second Chanukah party is about to begin in about two hours over at Zadie and Nana’s house. If he’s half as awake and happy it will be a smashing success.

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