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Girl Crazy

When I first contemplated having a boy, I realized the day would come when I’d have to deal with his being girl crazy. I did not, however, expect that day to come quite so soon. And yet, at 24 weeks old tomorrow, Simon clearly appreciates a pretty face.

Put a kind looking boy or man in front of Simon, and he grins and makes eye-contact. Put him on his Papaw’s knee or have an uncle lift him up to play airplane, and he has a ball. He’s wild for his dad. But the minute a woman looks at him–especially if it’s a young, pretty one–he goes wild. He coos. He laughs. He squeals. Nay, he shrieks in joy. He pulls out every cute baby trick in his arsenal to captivate his audience and keep the pretty ladies’ attention directed his way.

We first noticed this with Auntie Jen. Then we watched him flirt shamelessly with the barristas at Heine Brothers and waitresses at Cumberland Brews.  But this weekend Simon put on a girl crazy demonstration to end them all. It started Friday, when a fussy afternoon was relieved only by the presence of his Auntie Jen and the attention of a pretty waitress at dinner. Then Saturday we went sofa shopping (our current one is a deathtrap that defies baby-proofing), and Simon made eyes at every female sales associate that got within a 50 feet of him. And today we hit a cafe in the morning, and Simon went wild for a young pretty thing waiting to get her drink at the counter.

I have no idea how common this is. I know babies in general prefer the higher voices women have.  But do they all also prefer women’s faces? Is Simon just acting like a typical baby, or is he expressing an early preference for pretty faces? I have no idea. What I do know is that if he keeps this up, I’m going to have a middle school Casanova on my hands.

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