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Smokies Bound

Well, Simon has at last learned how to pick up puzzle pieces by the knob and is babbling up a storm,¬† but I’ll have to write about that later. We are currently in the final throws of packing and getting out the door for Gatlinburg.

The car is mostly packed. Simon just woke up from his nap. The house sitter will¬† be here any minute, and my neighbor already has a key just in case. We just changed the cat litter. I’m about to put the diapers in the wash. We will be blissfully unplugged during this trip, so expect reports of crazy hikes, late nights out, and encounters with bears in about a week.*

* Or, you know, short walks with the stroller and/or Ergo, tucking Simon into bed by 8:30, and a trip to the Gatlinburg exotic petting zoo.

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