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Well, we’re back from Gatlinburg and have much to report from our trip to the Smokies. Simon liked his new car seat, relaxed at the Laurel Falls waterfall, loved touching an engraved stone at Cades Cove, thought hitching a ride to Clingman’s Dome via Daddy’s back was very funny, and thrived on all the time spent with his Goldstein relatives.

He also learned to scoot (finally!) and will now stretch out hisĀ  arm to “help” put on his PJs or other long-sleeved shirts. But my favorite new development is one Matt has coined “anointing.”

Periodically, Simon will grab his pacifier out of his mouth, hold it up to one of us, tap it on our face or head, and then put it back in his mouth. If we’re not being anointed, we’re at least being knighted. What does he think he’s doing? I haven’t a clue.

It’s just one of many ways he’s getting more physical, more agile, and more funny as he hits week 51. I almost think he’s dialing up the cute a notch to make me feel better about his being nearly a year old. After all, I can’t keep wishing he’d be six months old again when he’s cracking me up and being more affectionate than ever.

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