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Written October 30, 2007

He finally did it! After about 10 weeks of prodding, hoping, and waiting, Simon finally got himself from sitting to standing with no help from Matt or I. Too bad I still haven’t seen it.

That’s right. I missed the action. It must have happened the first time on Monday while Jean, the new Monday nanny, was watching him. She was about to end her day, and we were chatting about how Simon played, how the day went, etc. I mentioned Simon’s lack of crawling and said something about him getting a little better at scooting lately.

“Oh yes,” Jean said. “And he pulls up real well, too.”

“He does what?” I thought. “News to me! And blast him for doing it for someone besides me first.”

Then, later that night, Matt was playing with Simon while I was tidying up. Suddenly I heard, “I think a mama needs to come downstairs and see her baby.” I got down and there he was, standing in front of the new storage ottoman.

“He pulled up on his own! He’s done it two or three times!” Matt exclaimed proudly.

Great. Now it’s time for mama to see this new trick. So we sat him down in front of the ottoman, put a desirable toy on it, and waited. I was watching with bated breath. Matt was videotaping.

We adjust Simon’s feet. We prop an even more desirable object on the ottoman.

Sigh. After about three failed attempts I breathed again, Matt put away the video camera, and we carried on with our night. Well, at least his first word was “mama”.

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