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Tristan Update

I just came back from the hospital’s visiting hours, and Tristan is doing well. He purred quite a bit and even ate a little of his prescription food for me.

Today his creatine and BUN levels are both normal, so his kidney function was clearly only temporarily and mildly affected by the blockage. Today they will continue to run fluids to flush him out and to keep his glucose and potassium levels normal. Tomorrow they will search for more stones and/or crystals with the ultrasound, and that’s when we will learn more about his case and long-term prognosis.

From what I can gather, he’s doing very well now–In fact, he was eager to jump around (a no-no with the catheter) and managed to shake loose his IV line while I was there. The acid test will be taking him home and seeing if he immediately re-blocks.

We’ll keep you posted.

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