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Another Tristan Update

I’ll blog later today or tomorrow about Simon, but for now I have a new Tristan update.

He’s still in the kitty hospital, and I still miss him a whole bunch. With luck, he’ll come home tonight.

I went to see him yesterday about noon, and to my pleasant surprise he had already had his ultrasound test and his catheter had been removed. The doctor could see some sediment in Tristan’s bladder, but no stones or crystals. That was very good news. While he was in the room with me, he got so happy and comfortable that he even flipped over on his back and purred. More good news. Then he sat up and howled again, and I could see a spot of white on the tip of his penis. That was not so good.

Turns out it was some sediment mixed with mucus, and Tristan needed some help passing it. He might have passed it on his own, but it was hurting him and there was no point in taking a chance of hurting him further. That restarted the clock for us; Tristan has to urinate on his own without trouble or a catheter for 24 hours before he can be discharged. So now he’s getting more IV fluids to flush him out, and if he continues to do well, we’ll get to bring him home tonight.

I’m spending the day cleaning out our gross attic and making it into a nice, baby-free kitty sanctuary for him. The litter box will stay up there, but I’m spot cleaning, vacuuming and deodorizing the carpet, I’m clearing out some boxes to free up more room for drinking and napping, and I’m putting a kitty bed and a kitty water fountain up there to encourage relaxation and hydration.

My fingers are crossed that my next trip to Jefferson Animal Hospital will be the last for a while.

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