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Twice in the past week, I’ve caught Simon and Percival colluding; I sense the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

The first time resulted in an unholy mess. Simon had left half of his yogurt from lunch, and I hadn’t had a chance to put it back in the fridge. Percival got at the yogurt on the kitchen island and knocked it to the ground, and Simon decided it looked like a fabulous toy. By the time I caught up with him, he had yogurt on his hands and face, yogurt on his Christmas PJ’s, and had left yogurt trails on the hardwood floor from scooting over and through it. There was no wiping him off at this point–I dumped him straight in the bath. At least Percival can bathe himself…

The second time came today–again at lunchtime. He wrapped the meal with some goat cheese spread on crackers, and had gotten the cheese all over his face and hands. Matt was at the sink getting a washcloth ready when we heard some giggles coming from the high chair. We assumed this was Simon’s now standard pre-face washing giggle (see “Waterboarding”). But the giggling escalated to new heights, and when Matt and I turned around we saw Percival licking the cheese off of Simon’s fingers. It probably tickled. He loves Percival. And his favorite page in the “Touch and Feel Kitten” book is the “feel my pink scratchy tongue” one.

There may be germ issues to be concerned about, but at least this collusion left Simon cleaner than when he started.

P.S. Tristan comes home tonight at 9:00!

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