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Yesterday was a tough day. I was feeling a little off, but Jessica was a complete wreck from her continuing bout with the stomach bug. She was exhausted from being up almost all night the night before and still achy and sick. I decided that if there was ever any reason to take a sick day as a full-time telecommuter, the entire family having a stomach bug was it. We told the babysitter to stay away if she valued her health, and then I told Jessica to get some sleep while I prepared for a promising Baby/Papa day.

Simon was in good spirits and didn’t seem out of sorts at all. We played hard, and he took some amazing naps.  We went for a walk in the bizarre 67F weather (Simon took off his socks in the stroller again) and played with Christopher over at Mama’s Hip. I even got a bit crazy and, after a day of Cheerios, bananas and Pedialyte, decided to give Simon some milk and macaroni & cheese for dinner.

Bad move.

A little after 11:00PM Jessica and I heard a squawk from Simon’s room — not that odd for him at that time of night, but it was followed shortly by some repeated coughs. We both sat up for that, and I went to investigate. Sure enough — el barfo grande…on the crib, on him, on the carpet, on me. Simon and I just went straight to the tub while Jessica tackled the barf in Simon’s bedroom. Simon handled it like a champ, though, and stopped crying by the time we got settled into the bath. He didn’t seem to be feeling sick or in any pain, so we just cleaned up and shared a little bit of ginger ale (he made really funny faces when he tasted it) before I put him back to bed.

The pediatrician’s office said that if he appeared to feel okay, wasn’t running a fever and kept down his next meals then he probably just needed to go dairy-free a bit longer. So we’re back to Cheerios, bananas and Pedialyte for a while — although I might share a bit more ginger ale with him again before bed tonight!

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