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Simon was 15 months old Wednesday, and we celebrated today by getting poked, prodded, and stuck at the pediatrician’s office. Cake would have probably been more fun…

Our little guy has had a growth spurt these last three months, one I had suspected due to the fact that his 6-12 month pajamas and pants quit fitting within the last 2-4 weeks. This spurt was no doubt fueled in part by the change from breast milk to whole cow’s milk. I’m hoping the regular ingestion of cereal bars is merely coincidental! His current stats are:

  • Height: 31 ½ inches, 65th percentile (up from 40th last time)
  • Weight: 23 pounds, 30th percentile (way up from 15th last time)
  • Head Circumference: 19 3/8 inches, 92nd percentile (holding steady)

Matt’s happy to see Simon get a little taller. I’m hoping a little extra weight might make him heartier as winter drags on. And we’ve both pretty much given up on head normalization. Few men buy many hats these days, so as long as we can find shirts that button at the neck or shoulder, we’ll be fine.

Simon was massively unhappy with today’s visit. The office was a little cold, we had a long wait between the doctor’s visit and the nurse’s follow-up, and he got four shots (Hep A, Measles/Mumps/Rubella, Flu part II, and Chicken Pox). Nearly all of these can cause various skin reactions, fever, and fussiness. Toss in the fact that he’s now cutting three molars (upping his tooth count to 11), and you have a recipe for one crabby, crabby baby.

At one point, Simon’s crying escalated from normal baby crying and hysterical baby crying all the way to sounds best described as animal. He was snotty, blotchy, and generally out of control. It reminded me of a time my mom took our cat Sidney to the vet, and the poor thing wailed so miserably that a woman in the same reception area asked her what kind of animal she had in her carrier. I suppose everyone knew today it was a baby making those awful noises, but that’s only because pediatricians don’t treat other species!

Finally, please cross your fingers that we see some major gross motor developments in the next three months. Simon’s verbal skills are slightly ahead of track. Ditto his fine motor skills. But his gross motor skills are “borderline”, which means we don’t have to intervene just yet, but we will this April if he doesn’t pull himself up and start walking by then. I am uncharacteristically calm about this, as I can see no physical or mental problems with Simon, and I was a late walker myself. Throw in the fact that he’s a boy, the first born, and generally mellow and content, and I think we have many non-worrisome reasons for his tardiness. He’ll walk when he’s ready, I just hope he’ll get himself ready before we have to start going to the occupational therapist.

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