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Poor baby! Simon is currently recovering from his first bout with diaper rash. I suppose Matt and I should be grateful that we made it 15+ months without having to deal with diaper rash, but frankly we’re still finding the whole situation miserable.

But not as miserable as Simon. Poor baby! It all started Friday when he had a dirty diaper that must have been unusually toxic. We went to change him that afternoon and discovered a very red, very irritated bottom. We knew we were dealing with something new when Simon cried while we cleaned him up.

In the past, we could put on the tiniest layer of zinc oxide (or not), put on a fresh Fuzzi Bunz, put Simon to bed, and rest assured that all would be normal by morning. Well, Simon was noticeably improved today, but he was still red in in the center of his bottom, and he still had a raw spot the size of a nickel on the back of his right thigh.

Tonight we realized–to our absolute horror–that the red spot on his thigh is currently without an epidermis. Poor baby! I even spotted a tiny bit of blood on his Fuzzi Bunz. No wonder he cried when I tried to put some zinc oxide on that spot.

I called my brother and sister-in-law for some parent-to-parent advice, and to their everlasting credit they called me back with parent-to-parent and doctor-to-patient advice. Steve called in a prescription for silver sulfadiazine, we’ll be switching from wipes to warm wash clothes tomorrow, and we might even get out the baby legs and air that bottom out. Honestly, a little pee would be a small price to pay for faster relief.

Watching Simon cry from the pain of being cleaned up was simply horrendous. Earlier today, I Googled “diaper rash” and was greeted with some truly horrible sights that made me cry for babies I don’t even know. Poor babies!

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