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Love Affair

Back in early December, I was really looking forward to the holidays: Specifically, I was looking forward to having a lot of uninterrupted time with Simon. I had vacation and personal days to use up before the end of the year, and I just assumed that I would pass most of them with happy Mom and Baby days.

Instead, I was really busy with Hanukkah shopping, Hanukkah parties (2), Christmas shopping, Christmas parties (2), my Dad’s 70th birthday party, a hospitalized cat, and some last-minute work assignments. The inevitable result of all this shopping,  partying, vet-going, and working was that Matt got tons of quality time with Simon, my mom and mother-in-law got lots of quality time with Simon, and I think I actually spent less time with him than I usually do. Bah humbug.

By the time we all got sick on my birthday, I was used to watching others take care of Simon while I checked in on occasion, an arrangement that didn’t sit well with me. Thankfully, my work schedule and the MLK, Jr. holiday serendipitously combined to give me five days in row to be home with Simon last week. And that is exactly what the doctor ordered to get us reconnected.

Simon has been in a terrific mood lately, we played our hearts out over the long weekend. We went for walks, went sledding, played patty-cake, danced, played the piano, built block towers, sent the animal train on its way, slid down the stairs on our tushes, played ball, and otherwise played, played, played. For those five days, I changed the vast majority of his diapers, fed him most of his meals, and took a million pictures.

It’s an interesting paradox that a string of long and seemingly tiring days can leave one feeling so invigorated. But there it is. Add to that a second paradox that the more time I spend with Simon, the less keen I am to have help or share him with others. From the distance of a week, I can see that Simon feels the same way. After our little babymoon, he’s been unusually attached to me, gesturing to be picked up and help every time he sees me and prone to cry whenever I leave a room.

He’ll adjust back to having a part-time sitter soon enough, and he certainly loves our new nanny Kathy (as do I). But after feeling a bit removed for a few weeks, it was great to once again be two peas in a pod and see that my love is requited.

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