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Simon is taking off. What a beautiful sight!

After Sunday night’s performance, I was cautiously optimistic that Simon would continue to improve and would be walking soon. But I didn’t want to put a time-line to it because Simon’s progress to date has been so slow. Two days later, however, I’m seeing things differently. We’re here.

Yesterday Simon took steps all day in tiny little bursts. He even walked in the bathtub a bit. And today he’s just launched. He’s walked in the living room, in the hallway, all the way from the guest bedroom to his room, and the full length of our front sidewalk. His posture is still stiff as a board, he still looks nervous on occasion, and he still loses his balance at times, but he’s walking walking walking. And I am cheering cheering cheering.

I’ve only managed one photo so far, and it’s not the best. I’m sure to get a better one soon, but in the meantime behold the walking child!

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