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The Victory Brownie

As I write this, the ghost of Red Auerbach has lit up his victory cigar with over two minutes left on the clock in the NBA finals. Actually, who am I kidding? The ghost of Red Auerbach lit up with two minutes left in the first half.

Here in Louisville, my little family celebrated tonight with a victory brownie. We didn’t think it was premature at the time; we were celebrating Simon’s beginning to walk. What we didn’t expect was that the real show was coming later, fueled in part by the brownie’s caffeine and sugar no doubt.

For tonight at the park and then at the house, Simon walked non-stop. He walked across the play area at the park. He walked all over our house chasing the cats. And he learned to get to standing without pulling up on anything. When we left the house at 4:30, walking was not Simon’s primary means of locomotion. When we went to bed tonight, it was.

Unfortunately, we capped our otherwise blissful night with a little tumble off the bed (unrelated to walking). So Matt and I have to wake and check on the little guy in a few minutes, but I’m not worried. Because even after his tumble and the accompanying tears, he still got up and walked all over the place. And tonight, after seven months of watching the calendar and worrying about Simon falling behind, I’m not going to let a little tumble get me down.

Hurray Simon! (and Go Celtics!)

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