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Technically, I took my babymoon trip two years ago in Maine. But I’ve decided to redefine the term, and Simon and I are having our second babymoon of 2008 now. (The first was documented here.) Simply put, he’s been a happy, funny toddler for nearly two weeks now. Since Father’s Day, when he began walking, to be exact.

I can see now that the lack of walking was dragging us both down. He was frustrated. His 19-month-old brain wanted to do all the things other 19-month old brains do. He wanted to walk around the house, climb over furniture, and scramble over play equipment. Since he couldn’t do all these things, he whined and grabbed on to my pants/skirt to have me help him do it. If I walked too slow, too fast, in the wrong direction, or not at all, he’d complain.

Heaven help me, I’m afraid I got short with him once or twice and said not very supportive things like “You can walk Simon. You just have to try. Or you can scoot where you want to go. But you can’t hang on me right now. Mama’s busy.” I realize these sentiments would not bring in child protective services, but they aren’t exactly the stuff of Hallmark cards, either.

And now, for this past week or so, it’s as though a pressure valve has been released. Simon’s feet are finally coordinated with his thoughts, and he’s relishing his freedom. He toddles where he wants to go, and he toddles to check back in with us if he feels the need. There’s been very little whining, and no incessant clinging.

Heaven! Just Wednesday at the playground, he walked to the swing when he wanted to swing. He walked to the climbing equipment when he wanted to climb. And when he was tired and ready to go home, he walked to his stroller. Such simple things as I write them, but so revolutionary in our home life.

I realize that babies get harder to watch when they become mobile. But I can say with experience to back me up that having a toddling toddler is infinitely easier than a non-toddling one.

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