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I’ll collect my thoughts later. For now, my single observation about life is that everything is happening at once, and not all of it is good. As a result, I’m pretty frazzled right now. If I squint, I can just make out a clearing on the horizon, but much like Vegas, I’m worried that everything is really much further away than it seems.

A quick tally:

  1. Annual list review (a work thing): My documents are due in eight hours, and I fly to Boston next Tuesday. I’ve been gunning so hard that I missed convention speeches to work on this. I hope I can find them later on YouTube!
  2. Annual budget (another work thing): First pass complete
  3. Corporate alliance pitching (a huge work thing): First two passes complete. Possible third pass tomorrow and trip to Las Vegas in two weeks.
  4. Preschool: Continues to go well this week. Now must sell cash-books for fall fund-raising. Will miss annual parent night due to business travel.
  5. Gardening: Sitting at about 50%. Presently halted due to items 1-3 and the presence of mosquito bites, itch mite bites, chigger bites, and a patch of poison ivy from which I need to recover. The latter must have been tangled in with some Virginia Creeper I was working on. There is no prevention for itch mites, which live in my pin oak tree, and the others are getting me despite my being hosed down in 40% deet and wearing long pants. I am the Helen of Troy of the insect world. I want a personal bat to sit on my shoulder and eat all these horrible, horrible creatures.
  6. Sleep: Way behind. Simon is suffering terribly from rag-weed allergies. Despite medications and trip to the doc, he is too clogged up to sleep well.  Therefore, Matt and I have been up with a cranky, coughing, sneezing, runny-nosed child at midnight and the wee morning hours all week. Can I give him Valerian tea? Do they make Baby Ambien?
  7. Photos: Have taken a few. Have uploaded none. See points 1-6 above.

Fingers are crossed for a bit of respite this weekend. I like to keep busy, but this is surely taking it a step or ten too far.

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