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Weekend Bliss

It may seem strange to say about a 22-month-old, but Simon enjoyed his first real weekend day today.

He’s been alive for about 86 weeks, but until now the difference between Monday and Saturday was pretty slight. He may have had a nanny on Monday, but he was still at home, one-on-one with an adult, and setting his own pace.

Now that he’s a little school-boy*, Mondays are entirely different from Saturdays. He liked school all this week, so it’s not that Mondays are bad and Saturdays are good. It’s that Saturdays are different, and entirely more laid back.

Today was the kind of day that I would have felt guilty about a month ago. We were a lazy, lazy household. I thought about going to the zoo, but didn’t. I thought about going to the pool, but didn’t. And Matt tried to take Simon to the park, but he wasn’t interested.

So what did we do? We loafed, lounged, and hung out. Which is to say, we did nothing. The entire household slept in until just past eight. Simon stayed in his PJs until nearly eleven. Instead of going to bed at his regular nap time, he fell asleep on our bed an hour earlier than usual. He had two snacks before dinner. He spent much of the evening sitting in my lap and reading books while keeping an eye on a Who tribute concerts. And he went to bed in his tee-shirt and PJ bottoms nearly an hour later than his regular bed-time.

He’s not even two, and he’s already figured out what weekends are all about.

* I realized tonight that I cannot call Simon “the little school boy” ever again, because that is the translation for my favorite cookie of all time, Lu’s “Le Petit Ecolier”. I called him that tonight and immediately began thinking about where I could go to get a box, which Matt and I would be guaranteed to gobble in a single setting. That way lies ruin.

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