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A year ago today, Simon took off and walked all day for the first time. I was relieved beyond all measure. To mark this anniversary, Simon decided to haul out three new tricks today: one physical and two verbal.

Yesterday, Simon debuted his ability to climb out of his car seat. It’s not quite as spiffy as when he learned to climb into it, but I’m still appreciative. His being able to get into and out of the car seat just made taking him places even easier.

On the verbal front, Simon debuted correct pronouns tonight. He’s been talking about boys versus girls for a while and experimenting with his hes and shes, and tonight it all came together for him. As in:

Bubbie: She’s a girl.

Tristan: He’s a boy.

Daddy: He’s a boy.

And then it got interesting:

Simon: He’s a boy, too.

Did you catch that “too” part? That’s also new, and I think pretty interesting. He trotted it out a few times. As in:

Simon have toothbrush. Mommy dentist [what I call myself when I go to clean his teeth at night] have toothbrush, too.

It’s funny, I know the big things like verbs and nouns are the most significant developments. But these smaller items, like his use of adjectives (“light blue diaper”), prepositions (“the plane is flying up in the sky”), possessives (“Simon’s cup of water”) and the like are what I find the most fascinating. Having said that, I still can’t wait for verb tenses to pop up.

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