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Blog Time Bombs

So my mom just called me to ask about a really wierd blog post. Seems I made a reference to nursing when, so far as she can tell, that stopped a year and a half ago. She thought maybe I had a typo in there.

Nope. What I had, and not for the first time, was a “blog time bomb,” or a two-year old post that accidentally republished itself.  It’s not the software’s fault. When I went to rebuild the blog after its huge,  unbacked-up crash a year and a half ago, I did so manually, post by post. For each entry, I had to manually plug in a date, and the default year was 2009.

I thought I caught them all. I obviously didn’t. So if you ever read along and think, “Did Simon regress horribly this week?” the answer is no, only the blog regressed. And I’ll catch it on my own eventually, unless my mom (thanks, Mom!) does first.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Whew. I kinda figured that’s what happened, but man it was weird!

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