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More Gems

We’ll have actual text again soon. Between wrapping up my job of 8 1/2 years and being ill, the creative fires are fizzling at present.

Simon isn’t fizzling at all. Last week, Matt took him to the grocery store. When Simon thanked the checkout clerk, as we have trained him to do and as he now always does, the woman commented on his dimples. I think she said something like “Wow, I love your dimples.” To which Simon, modest boy that he is, replied,

“Thank you. Do you like my haircut, too?”

Poor boy. He only gets as much comment on his haircuts as he does because we let things get so dire before taking him to the salon. We really must improve on that, especially now that he enjoys the process and is such a  little trooper.

The next gem gets filed under horrifying. Just when we though it couldn’t get worse than “I’m hitting you, but I love you,” we get this exchange.

Matt: “Simon. Stop wriggling. You are hurting my thumbs. Why do you want to hurt me?”

Simon: “Because I love you”

When does CPS show up at my door, do you suppose?

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  1. Amanda says:

    No CPS, lol. I think Simon is like a kitten who gets way overexcited when playing and starts biting. Too much stimulus, no place to put it. Or, like with a kid who is sooo cute you just want to squeeze the stuffing out of them.

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