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The summer I was eleven, my mother took me to visit Highland Middle School so I could familiarize myself with the building before starting school. We were greeted by an office worker who looked at my mother carefully and asked, “Are you Hanna Rita Wolfson?”

My mom would have just turned 42 when this happened, making it 30 years since she had been “Hanna” and 22 years since she had been a Wolfson. I was stunned.  “How in the world,” I asked myself, “could anyone be recognized after so many years? That’s crazy!”

I’m smiling as I remember this conversation from 29 years ago because today, entering KIP to pick up Simon after school, a man making a delivery took a good long look at me and asked,

“Excuse me, are you Jessica? And did you go to Johnson Middle School?”

I was nearly speechless. Because, in fact, I attended Johnson beginning in August of 1982… nearly 28 years ago. How could anyone be recognized after so many years? That’s crazy!

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  1. goldsteinrita says:

    It’s also very flattering.

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